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Our Mission

Project Forty uses wilderness adventures to provide unforgettable experiences that reveal the character of God and provide biblical discipleship for teens and young adults.  Families, students and youth leaders alike will be challenged spiritually, emotionally, and relationally as they learn new skills and wander outside their comfort zones. It is believed that solid relationships will be established and strengthened—impacting families, communities and ultimately, the world for the Kingdom of God.

EXCLUSIVE: Very High Adventure!

Winter of 2024 Project Forty is opening up 2 trips:

For those wanting to climb something insanely epic
For this trip to count for MORE than just you…


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I learned about necessity and the few things that we actually need in our daily lives compared to what the world says we need… God really showed me how what we think we need is normally just a distraction from what we truly need.

Sam O'Berry, Expedition Student

I have made lifetime friendships with the people that were my age on the trip and also with the leaders of the trip. I know that in the end I will always have some people that I will share that memory with and can always reconnect with.

Ryan Garrison, AID Student

Most of the time we are pretty good at hiding these faults and playing up our good qualities. This trip gives you an opportunity not only to take a good look at yourself but also let others see you for what you are and be accountable to them for growth.

Courtney Erickson, AID Student

Spending time with God out in the wilderness cannot be compared to time spent with God surrounded by man-made distractions. It was a great time to focus and have a time away from the busy world.

Ryan Williams, AID Student

The BC Expedition stretched Collin further than he thought he’d go and gave him a huge sense of accomplishment. It helped his dedication and obedience to the Lord as well. He’s more mindful about listening to God’s leading and it strengthened him in every way.

Kim Barry, Student Mom

Project Forty has been instrumental in helping me instill leadership characteristics in my students.  The challenging activities (rock climbing and ropes courses) and then the biblical application of the lessons learned go a long way in building a Christian worldview.

Frank Dame, Plymouth Christian Academy

Project 40 is an amazing organization! I like how Matt is trying to take kids out of their element and introduce kids to outdoor activities like rock climbing, rappelling, camping and so much more.  Matt and I came together to take a group of kids from my program rock climbing. I would like to thank Matt for the work he’s doing in the community!

Dequane Powell, Gentle Boys To Gentlemen
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