1-How Wilderness Adventure Shapes the Lives of Our Future Generation

Project Forty creates a unique opportunity for you to get involved in the lives of struggling teenagers. They’re everywhere! They need our help and our support. They need us to reach out by spending time with them. Project Forty allows mentors and students to go on a really awesome wilderness adventure together. Through that unique trip, just 4 to 7 days long, where you rock climb, you ice climb, you snowshoe; this creates a platform and a catalyst for that relationship to really spark and take off.
Mentors have an opportunity to follow up with their mentee. Project Forty gives mentors the tools they need to not be afraid to reach teens. With 40 days of follow up and being intentional about it, I believe that relationship will carry on way beyond the 40 days.
There’s a huge need out there. Facebook doesn’t represent genuine friendship just because someone accepts a friend request or likes your picture. Social media has created a filtered reality for teens AND for adults too. Relationships take hard work! They take people sharpening one another, pouring into one another, being real and open and honest with one another. If you have a God focus in those relationships, He will completely change your heart!
When you meet the Creator of the Universe it turns your world upside down. So with these tools in hand, I think that relationships can be made whole, that families can be impacted. Mentors are going to see their students change and that’s going to encourage their hearts and increase their excitement! You’ll say, “Wow! My life matters! I have an impact on somebody else in a way that will change their life course forever!” As students change, relationships with their parents will strengthen; relationships with their siblings and their friends will change. They’ll start applying that strength to all the relationships in life.
Project Forty needs you. We need support for this upcoming generation that’s really struggling. The failure to see the need is a failure to protect our future. These teens will be our raising leaders.
Get on board with Project Forty; fill out a 60-second survey at www.projectforty.org (you’ll see it in the top right corner of the website). This will get you connected with opportunities to get involved. You could be a mentor by going on a trip. That’s a huge need! We need prayer support. We need volunteers in a number of different ways. We need financial support. There’s a lot of ways to get involved and we look forward to meeting you to share our heart. We’d love to partner with you to change a hurting generation. Thank you for your time!