2-The Secret to Tingly Prayer

I’m starting to understand that the Internet is not something that I should go out and try to blow up or get rid of just because I’m a wilderness guy and SAY NO TV and the Internet. My wife has taught me. It’s useful! People use it and it can be a good thing! So, I am stepping WAY out of my shell and getting in front of the camera and I’m looking for people to capture the heart of Project Forty.
 The best way to do that is you get to know me.
So, I’m going to share in video form, blog form, any little bits and pieces about who I am. I’m going to share how Project Forty has come about in my heart, my walk with God, what I’ve been learning lately in my relationship with the Lord and what I have learned over 11 years of working at a children’s home full time. I want people to know what we’re about! Project Forty is about teens that just need a little bit of extra help. They’re everywhere! We see them all over the place.
I work with teens every single day at work, but my wife and I just ran across a young lady running away from home that just really need some support. It was such a blessing to be able to stop and give her a little bit of direction and help get her home safely. I want other people to capture the beauty of helping others.
I’d like to share a quick story to kick this vlog journey off–I was at work last night sitting down with one of our newer residents as I just wanted to get to know him a little bit better. We were talking about prayer as he had gone forward for altar call yesterday, which was super awesome! I always want to make sure I follow up with those guys and see where they’re really at. Did they really mean it? Do they know what they’re doing. I want them to know Christianity isn’t just a label, it’s a COVENANT thing. It’s like this ring I wear everyday on my left forefinger. It represents a covenant that I’ve made with my wife; not just what she’s going to do for me. It’s about what I’m going to do to serve her? It’s me laying down my life for somebody else and THAT’S the covenant relationship that we should have with the Lord. In my opinion that covenant aspect of being a Christian is getting watered down and losing it’s effectiveness.
So, I was chatting with this young man and he said, 
“You know, when I was praying, halfway through that prayer, I just had this tingly feeling.”
I said, “That’s really cool! Have you ever experienced that before?”
He said, “Yeah, I’ve experienced that other times when I’ve prayed for other people–you know, not just what I want for Christmas or something. It was like when I was praying for other people.”
That really encouraged ME. You know, God uses very simple things and maybe it’s just a tingly feeling that you might get it when you pray for other people. Let us remember to look OUTSIDE of ourselves and see what WE can do as individuals AND as a community to impact the world around us.