20-HMR Stands For “Help Me Rhonda”…Part 1

The sound of icy, soft snow conforming to the bottom of my snowshoes drown out the conversations of the guys around me on the trail, leaving me to free my mind and take in the tapestry of my Maker.  Tall, thin birch trees, clustered with spruce for a perfect winter photo and smell of ozone, distracted me from wondering how much further before we would drop into Chapel Beach and catch our first glimpse of the frigid waters of Superior.  I was thoroughly enjoying the company, though each left to our own thoughts for the majority of the hike, I knew that conversation about this adventure was already churning in our minds.  Some guys were hurting already, the heavy load of winter survival gear sitting more on their shoulders than their hips, common for newbie’s to world of backpacking.  Praying for the sleeting precipitation to hesitate until we established camp, I partially enjoyed our first sit-down break in hours.  A snack does the body good, balanced with the wet, cold air taking over my hands and feet as my body rapidly cooled.  This was going to be a good trip–more than good.  I love the challenge of keeping my body from sweating; pushing myself more than I have in a few years, and the leadership of delegation and making this trip belong to my friends.  They were not attending a Matt Foss trip to the U.P.; Matt Foss was joining them on a first-time adventure that would be etched in their minds forever.
The next four weeks of vlogs will be tales from this trip I just described.  I am doing the best I can to include you in the awesome adventures that we take and the lives impacted by these incredible experiences in creation.  Take a couple of minutes and enjoy the scenery, the craziness, the community, the sheer raw power of survival in the elements…then thank God for giving us this planet to play on.



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