38-Soap, Sinks, Suds, and Short People

There are some really great reasons to have children run… I mean, in your life. God sure knew what He was doing when He caused human kind to reproduce in its own likeness! This means, in short, that we have to deal with all the same stuff our parents had to deal with. When my boys are 10ish we’re heading to Picture Rocks National Lakeshore to take the longest boat tour known to man. And I’m going to be just as annoyed as my dad was, when I asked him for the billionth time, “How long is this? Are we there yet?”

Seriously though, Gods love has never been so apparent as when we look into the eyes of our kids and extend endless forgiveness and fresh starts. So, this week I was able to capture a snippet of life in the Foss house. I hope you enjoy a look at the day-to-day adventures that don’t require ice axes and climbing gear!



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