47-The Caver’s Route Experience

When I was a young boy, my family and I went to visit Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Fortunately for me, I was small, still am; but really small back in the late 80’s. There was one particular section of cave named, “Fat Man’s Misery.” Being small came in handy for this cramped, moist wall of rock in the face. Another section was known as “Tall Man’s Misery.” Another favored part for the vertically challenged everywhere! I mention this blast from the past for a couple of reasons: 1) if you haven’t been, go, and 2) you can experience the rock-in-the-face moisture that I’m talking about right here on a Project Forty trip! The Caver’s Route at Tower Rock is definitely and adventure and the required rope usage and 100’ rappel at the end make it a notch more exciting than the touristy Mammoth…but, still worth the visit in my opinion. I hope you enjoy the footage in this week’s blog as I describe one of my favorite Kentucky climbs from my last trip.





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