48-Have You Ever Made The Best Pancakes In The World?  No.

Pancakes. Take’em how you like’em—butter, chocolate chips, bananas, strawberry syrup, blueberry syrup, maple syrup, high fructose corn syrup, cool whip, fudge, ice cream, Carmel, peanut butter, jelly, attacked by fruit, or any other sugar that I didn’t mention, peanuts, or beef stick grease—any way is fine with me as long as you git’em done! The guys on my last trip did just that…they got them things cooked up into giant pancake balls of goodness. It was my bad, we left a very important (not one but two items) behind that made the Project Forty traditional pancake lunch into a nightmare of hungry teens and leaders really putting their heads together to engineer a solution to my mistake. Where was I you wonder? Well, climbing of course! Enjoy this short story just for the fun of it!




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