49-Routine, Routine, Rou…What?

Every weekday morning I eat breakfast at work. Not a bad gig, as I do enjoy cereal, eggs, pancakes, waffles and pretty much anything I can dowse in Pure Maple syrup. So this morning my wife was up early with me and asked if I wanted a shake with her. I enjoy a good, healthy shake from time to time and gladly obliged. I slurped up my shake in the car on my short drive to Promise Village and then began my daily work routine: getting the guys up, making sure they actually clean their rooms and not just say “Yeah, I dusted.” I proceeded to the kitchen, poured a bowl of Frosted Cheerios for myself after making sure they didn’t argue over the last Strawberry Honey Bunches of Oats; and then sat down. I got about 4 bites into my bowl before I realized, “I just ate breakfast! What the heck am I doing?” To not waste the food, I finished the bowl anyway, but wasn’t feeling very comfortable as I ate breakfast twice within an hour!

How often do we do things out of habit or routine? We might respond to certain people with a sarcastic edge without thinking about what kind of day they’re having. Driving the long way around because it’s the way you went the first time en route, praying the same prayers without thinking about the words, telling your spouse “I love you” without considering the pure, selflessness of the phrase… where do you need to be more intentional today? How “present are you” as you go through your day? Make today count!





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