53-The Never Ending Project

Let’s talk project talk. Let me set the scene: You are up early the start day, nearly skipping breakfast altogether (unless you are one of those, you know who you are), chomping at the bit to gather your supplies. Pop in some good music, talking to all those who still know what a cassette, or CD looks like; making sure the energy from the stereo is going to give you the extra pump you need to stay on track. And so it begins.

Day 1: You rock out some massive chunks of the problem solving and are now working on solutions, constructing the images in your minds eye with the newly discovered talents that have been laying dormant in the “day-to-day.”

Day 5 after dinner: You eagerly continue on the construction, developing a system that makes the process move even faster. You are feeling very satisfied with your progress and are excited to share it with others.

Day 6 early AM: You wake up and realize you have been dreaming all night about numbers, figures and sketches of this project of yours… you are immersed, and slightly embarrassed.

Day 17 since you began the project: Your family happens to be over for a visit and you work into the conversation a report of your progress. They seem interested, so you extend the offer for them to taste and see the magic that is happening within your home. And now, casting the vision of the final product, you receive some props that you really do have some unique talents (which you knew all along, but always feels good to hear from others).

Day 23: After counting how many days just went by since you were last able to work on the project, you realize that it’s time to get this thing done!

Day 39: This was supposed to be a 3-day gig. You are not feeling the excitement of completing anything. In fact, you have moved on and have left your project incomplete. Now, it has become more stuff to be talked about during spring-cleaning day 5 years down the road.

Has anyone else had this experience? I’m currently working on a music-recording studio for my wife. It’s awesome and the project itself has been a ton of fun. But, now that the interior is completed and functional, the exterior needs to be completed. Days have gone by, weeks pass and the exterior is yet to be complete. If I’m not careful, what was once a fun, exciting, and challenging project can become another mundane task on my to-do list.

Do you remember the day that you encountered God in a very real and powerful way? I do. It changed my life course. Sometimes, if we are not careful, our walk with Christ can feel like a “project” and if so, it may express itself much like my music studio project. Exciting at the onset, wanting to share your experiences with others; then with time, something new and exciting can replace it before you really come to a “completion” (which never really occurs in this lifetime). What stage are you in? Perhaps you have become complacent with your relationship with the LORD. The old forgotten project sits incomplete as you direct your attention to the tasks of the current day. Philippians 1:6 tells us that God is never done working on us until the day that His Son comes back again. How encouraging! God is not finished with His project (me!) and He doesn’t get tired or bored of the projects that He begins. God’s masterpieces don’t sit in a corner, unfinished, waiting for spring-cleaning! As He calls you to draw closer to Him, respond with action. Do one thing this weekend to show God that you are not done with your relationship project either!





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