54-Oh No, Not Your Back You Crazy Man

Well everybody, I did it again. Was it the bowling? The basketball? Pretending to be a horse for my boys and letting them ride my back for an hour? The climbing? The competitive nature of just plain being a man? Not knowing when to quit? Whatever the case, it took me out last week. Every so often I hurt my lower back and can’t move very well for about a week or so. I tell myself, “Self, don’t do that action anymore that mess you all up. Heed the warning signs and visit the Dr. BEFORE you wreck yourself…listen this time, self.” Do I listen? No.
However, I want to be the kind of man that does listen. I want to not only take care of me, but be able to listen to my family when they really need me to be there for them. I need to listen to God’s still, small voice that guides me in paths of righteousness. Are you listening? Don’t make the same mistakes over and over again due to deaf ears…don’t pull a me. Just don’t be that guy, because the world already has one.



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