60-The Project Forty Summer Expedition: 2018

In ONE word: powerfully-sharpening, life-changing, God-inspiring, relationship-driven adventure that cannot possibly be explained in a single word! A carefully selected group of 3-4 young men will be joining Matt and his family on an expedition traveling across the country to a Young Life Camp in British Columbia, Canada. There, they will spend the summer working as Staff Interns—rubbing shoulders with a committed group of men and women devoted to their service for the Lord by providing wilderness adventure for teens. We will serve alongside mountaineering guides, cooks, camp coordinators, food packers, equipment managers, boat drivers, and all who comprise this unique community of believers for four weeks to kick off summer 2018.  The camp is located on the Princess Louisa Inlet, a 3-hour boat ride from the nearest road, nestled in the Coastal Mountains of BC. This is quite the “once in a life-time” opportunity for these young men to get away to find their way, to discover their inner potential and take steps that allow that potential to explode into positive, God-centered change that can only happen from the inside out. Stay tuned for more details on exactly how the Project Forty Summer Expedition 2018 will change our teens, and for ways to partner with us to have a direct influence on the lives of these future leaders.  If you’re saying, “Matt, I can’t wait for future posts… tell me what I can do NOW!”, then get over to our expedition page for trip details or support the teens that need this most by donating to the mission!

If Canada reopen their borders to the US by March 2021 it’s GAME ON!  Expedition summer 2021 hangs in the balance so stand by…



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