61-The Project Forty Summer Expedition: Adventure

The cool breeze and light spattering of fallen leaves sent my imagination into Fall… climbing in the gorge with friends, and showing off God’s beautiful playground to those who are rarely afforded a chance to escape a full schedule to watch an episode of Bear Grills, let alone study the natural beauty of a harmony of trees and sandstone cliffs in person. It is out in the wilderness that I really come to life, feel alive, and walk confidently in my calling to share this experience with teens who have not had the benefit of such a journey as I. It has been my dream since 2001 to share the mountain landscape of British Columbia with teens positioned for greatness… only there are too many obstacles in their way to ever taste even a small victory of success. Since this dream was born, I have been taking guys to the Red River Gorge, Kentucky to witness the small microcosm of the magnificent Coastal Mountains of British Columbia.  It is in these remote locations where true freedom to experience our Creator in His created space instead of the space we’ve created for Him becomes reality.  For more details about the Project Forty Summer Expedition or to partner with us to impact our youth, follow this link.



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