62-We’re Back from BC Everybody!

We are back! The Foss family took 4 guys to BC (that’s the province of Canada due north of Washington state) for 5 weeks. We served together at a Young Life camp called Beyond Malibu. A month stripped of your daily devices and update and the busyness of the day to day will really throw some perspective on life– and that’s exactly what it did for us. I feel like this was my big push to trust the Lord more and move toward wilderness ministry on a more full-time basis. For the guys this was an opportunity to look at what is truly important in life and to modify goals to push toward the things that count. BC in and of itself is moving, powerful and taste of Creation few get to try. Join me over the next several weeks as I share stories and insights gained from our first ever Project Forty Summer Expedition.  For more details about the Project Forty Summer Expedition or to partner with us to impact our youth, follow this link.



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