68-Stick A Fork In Me Jerry, I’m Done!

The Alder Trees have finally outgrown their torturous phase, providing a beautiful canopy shielding you from the hot sun, which in full illumination would draw out even more pesky droplets of salty water for your eyes to manage as you continue to work at full strength to ensure you make your boat time. Then to your disbelief, the trail makes a fork. “Why does there always have to be fork in the road?” you ponder as you trudge back and forth scouting out the possible destination each route will inevitably dump you out on, whether you like it or not. “Choose wisely” because backtracking after descending is sounding worse than repeating all of yesterday’s debacles of thorns and Alders.


Precious time is lost as your guides work together to figure out their bearing and course of action. Anxiety rises as your blood picks up speed, pulsating through your capillaries, cells fighting for precious oxygen. Doubt creeps in, only intensifying your fears of being stuck on the mountain longer than you have to. “It’s time to get back to base camp, and now this…” Decisions have been made and you fall in line with the group, at the mercy of the mountain and limited visibility through the dense forest. Nothing seems right about taking the fork that makes a 180 and heads back uphill… but you submit. One wasp nest later you discover an open road, not well traveled but a road none-the-less! The boat has not yet arrived and you actually have 15 minutes to spare… “Packs off!”


Have you ever been in a situation where a decision just seemed off? Logic just didn’t cut it, or what “seemed” like the right choice flew in the face of the norm? It seems that God is not too into “normal or comfortable…” at least not with many decisions that I’ve had to make in my journey with Him. No, He’s too interested in us learning to trust His judgment and wisdom above what may seem like the normal way of doing things. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9 If you are not in the valley of decision currently, you will be. This is one way that our Creator causes us to run to Him. He’s our daddy and loves for us to wonder in amazement at how He manages to take us on the fork in the trail heading uphill and lead us back to sea level.




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