88-Just Go Look For Rabbits!

Call John.  Do I even have his number?  Okay, call Dale then call John.  Don’t forget to follow up with last months donation calls… maybe it’s too soon.  I don’t know.  “Dad, will you play Legos with me today?  I’m hungry.”  Okay, lunch.  Quick Lego time.  Work on my updates.  “I said I’m hungry!”  I quickly shift gears and turn my glance from my open planner to the dented refrigerator, marked with every chair that haphazardly passed by on its way to the pantry.  It was new at one time, but now it only serves its most important function—keeping things cold and holding the magneted masterpieces of kid art in attention for all to see.  Lunch consisted of whatever leftovers could be scraped up out of the back of the fridge combined with our panty compliments… today’s menu yielded cucumbers, blueberries, humas, peppers, raisins, peanut butter pretzels and a rice cake with Laughing Cow cheese.  Work, Legos, work… with Cedar napping this will be much easier. 


Barely into the Lego party I hear some fussing over the sound of plastic magic swirling around in the large bins.  How can this be possible?  He only slept for an hour?!  With the usual two and half hour break swiped out from under me, I defaulted to strategizing how to work with Cedar awake and playing upstairs.  Upon entering his room and softly approaching his crib he grabbed my neck with all his climbing strength and held on tight enough that his little legs raised from the mattress as I stood up fully.  Head down, he pushed his chin and cheek into my left shoulder, forming a new pillow for himself—clearly he was still tired.  Moving to the living room usually wakes him up, so I took my place on the floor, back to the carpet and just lay still for a moment, fully expecting him to get up so I could move on with my “to-do” list.  Cedar just lay there, cuddling in more and more until my arms couldn’t help but hold him close to my chest.  How am I going to get anything done, Lord?  I have responsibility to everybody who is supporting me as well as to my guys I’m discipling… In that moment I remembered Mary and Martha from the Luke 10:41,42  ‘And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things.  But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.”’


Did I just live out the real-life version of Luke’s gospel account?  I wonder how Jesus felt in that situation?  We always hear about the concept of taking time, slowing down and not being so busy; which pegs my thought process that day exactly!  But what about from Jesus’ perspective?  Did He need to slow down as well?  I bet He had a lot on His mind, more than me at least!  How have you been spending your time?  I have no regrets with my decision to spend that extra few minutes pouring into the relationships that count in my life.  Even while I write this blog I was interrupted by an invite to go look for rabbits with the boys… can you believe I almost turned it down?!  We are all a work in progress, just know what you are working toward.