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AID Courses

AID courses are roughly 8 weeks in length, consisting of weekly 3-hour classes, that lead up to a 4-day Project Forty trip as the final exam.  There are 4, 8 week courses to choose from: rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain biking, or backpacking.  Training in specific disciplines will challenge students to grow relationally with instructors and classmates, as comfort zones are pushed, teamwork becomes fundamental, and communication proves to be mandatory for success.  Instructors are simultaneously driving home the hard truths of our created world through the study of the Bible, incorporated into each class and trip.

The Who

AID Courses are for 14+ years of age and designed to promote discipleship between students and instructors.  High school student and college students alike are welcome, although some course have an 18 yr old minimum age limit.  If you are an adult and would like to use an AID Course as an opportunity for growth with students you are already in a mentoring relationship with, join us!  All AID Courses will look at the Bible as it relates to creation, our personal relationship with God and how it impacts our daily lives.  All we ask is respect for participants personal views and for the position of Project Forty and their staff.

The Where

Project Forty course and trips are focused in the Great Lakes Region of the United States.  Courses are based out of Flint, MI and surrounding area, and trips range from Slade, KY to Munising, MI.  We love the diversity of creation and unique locations within 8 hours of our home in Flint.  Climbing courses use the Milford Mountain (Milford, MI), Planet Rock (Madison Heights, MI), Peabody Ice Climbing Club (Fenton, MI) and Grand Ledge, MI for instruction and trip preparation.


All Project Forty instructors have been trained in their focused discipline and carry a minimum 2 years experience as a Guide Partner, under direct supervision from a current and certified instructor.  Climbing instructors are certified through the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) and hold a Wilderness Advanced First (WAFA) or higher.

Growth Opportunities

  • 101 Courses – for beginners to outdoor adventure (Prerequisite: 14+ yrs old and be open to adventure, and exploring the Bible)

  • 201 Courses – designed for intermediate skill level (Prerequisite:  14+ yrs old, have a working knowledge of required hard skills and be open to exploring the Bible)

  • Belay Assistants (BA) –  assist new students and pass on what they have learned (Prerequisite:  16+ yrs old,  intermediate skill-set, desire to pour into high school students through biblical discipleship)

  • Guide Partners (GP) and Instructors – we don’t want to stop with a one-time adventure, we want to build a community of adventurers with a desire to pay it forward into the rising generation behind them!  (contact matt@projectforty.org if you are interested in becoming a Project Forty GP or Instructor)

Available Courses