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About Us

Project Forty is a unique wilderness and discipleship ministry operating out of Flint, MI.  The vision for Project Forty was birthed out of a personal calling, not derived from any particular church or denomination.  Its goal is to disciple students through adventure and meaningful relationships to promote personal growth within their family and local church body.  It is not a ministry to replace the local church ministry, but rather to enhance one’s ability to learn and grow under the authority of their parents, pastors, and mentors.

To use wilderness adventures to provide unforgettable experiences that reveal the character of God and provide biblical discipleship for teens and young adults.  Families, students and youth leaders alike will be challenged spiritually, emotionally, and relationally as they learn new skills and wander outside their comfort zones.

To see teens and young adults passionately pursue their walk with God, value the stillness of creation in the midst of a technological society, and lead their communities in character impacting the world for the Kingdom of God one relationship at a time.

These guided wilderness experiences are designed to focus on basic human needs of students, while revealing God’s design for our relationship with our Creator.  Instructors have the opportunity to build meaningful and productive relationships with their students and use group dynamics to challenge focused characteristics.  Wilderness ministry acts as a catalyst for intentional follow-up that builds community and perpetual growth.  Project Forty believes and promotes a relationship with God is the focal point of these deliberate steps toward healthier bonds between students, leaders and within the family unit.

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