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The Adventure Guide Side of Life

Adventure Guides!  You have found your base camp right here at Project Forty’s site.  Below you’ll find links to the forms in the intro packet, applications and evaluations.  To the right you can check the status of your organized adventures after signing in, along with gaining access to the contact info for your participant list.  Thank you for all you do to serve families through guiding quality adventures!

Responsibility Overview
Lead Guide Responsibilities
Evaluation Form
Volunteer Hours Form
Guide Training 101 Course

Adventure Guides



Project Forty would be missing out on a HUGE side of guiding without your support!  Volunteer time and energy fuels the adventure and takes the care from a couple of guides facilitating an adventure to a team of caring individuals who can give our participants the attention that they deserve.  We appreciate your sacrifice so much and know that there is a high price for time and energy with all that we ask to make Project Forty excellent… but there is one more request!  Please click fill out our Volunteer Hours Form so we can track your time.  This is an important component that only takes about one minute, so please take that extra minute right now!