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119-Stillness In God’s Creation

119- Stillness In God's Creation How do we hear God in today's culture? Do we even have time to listen with the pace of our lives? Our lives are filled with more distractions than ever today with work, family, social media, and endless entertainment on the internet. Do we ever set time aside in our days to listen to God truly distraction-free with our phones within arms reach? There’s a power in stillness surrounded by God’s creation. We live

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116-Wilderness A common question we get here at Project Forty is why does this matter? How does unplugging in the wilderness crossover into ministry? This last trip we guided was a fresh reminder of why we believe in what we do. After trip with 8 guys, over 3 days with 2 rappels, and 1000 push-ups later, it was abundantly clear to me why we do what we do. It all started with a connection through our former Pastor Doug

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111- Expedition Log

111- Expedition Log Expedition log: January 12th, 2023. We set off on our expedition late last night. With wide open roads and perfect conditions, it took us less time than expected to arrive at our base camp situated in the heart of Munising, just blocks off the mighty Lake Superior. The crew wasn’t exactly thrilled with a lack of cell phones and sleep as we initiated our first alpine start. It was approximately 4 am when we started to prepare

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110- Ice Tales

110- Ice Tales I am a product of Project Forty discipleship. My connection to Project Forty first began through a Facebook marketplace ad. No, Matt was not selling his never ending trail riddles, he was selling chalk bags as a fundraiser for wilderness ministry, and I wanted to know more. I needed more than just a chalk bag at that point in my life, I needed to be mentored and encouraged in my walk with Christ. I was at the

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108- Who The Heck Am I?

108- Who The Heck Am I? My name is Christopher Adams, or if you know me from Project Forty, I go by Topher. I have been volunteering with Project Forty for the past 3 years, helping with Backyard Adventures and Co-guiding trips. I was invited by Matt to join his ministry, starting full time starting this January (working part time now). I am currently living on the island of St Maarten with my wife Courtney while she pursues medical school.

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107- I Thought It Was Friday.

107- I Thought It Was Friday. As my tires slowly rolled past the shiny new glass, I could clearly see the print on the window of the renewed Flint Public Library.  It read, “Tuesday-Thursday 11-8pm” and “Friday-Saturday 9-6pm” so I backed up my faithful Saturn, which has been hiding the rust under its plastic panels beautifully, into a position to park, confident that the few cars in the lot must have been employees and I’m just the early-bird to use

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