117-Nerves Of Steel Or Jello?

117-Nerves Of Steel Or Jello? I think I could feel my heart pounding on the inner wall of my chest cavity.  It was requesting more blood, my brain meanwhile, requesting an escape plan for the moment and cycling a rolodex of questions for my experience to answer—Who is going to be on this adventure?  Will they be impressed or think this is stupid?  Are we ready?  Like, really ready?   One might think that we had somehow joined the majors

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101-Bold, Brave, Short, And Even Shorter

101-Bold, Brave, Short, And Even Shorter The soggy ground sank in around the fresh rubber rand of my new black 5.10 flats, which I baby since they are my first pair of new street shoes in nearly a decade.  Pushing my OCD to the back of my mind I trailed my middle son Z, who’s excitement to jump into the basketball game with the neighborhood kids could barely keep him from running.  The local park at the that connected our

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97-Tie In, Go Ahead… Tie In Already

97-Tie In, Go Ahead... Tie In Already Glancing over my left shoulder I gauged the speed of the sun seeming to fall down over the distant ridge that outlined the Red River Gorge.  This was more than just a beautiful sunset from Eagle Point Buttress, overlooking a sharp bend in the river nearly 300 feet below; it was a race to get our team to the bottom for much needed water and to set up camp before the rain caught

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75-Remember That Time When…?

75-Remember That Time When...? “When I bought my first motorcycle my buddies and I took our bikes to the pit. I had a street bike, had no idea what I was doing, but they said, ‘Kenny, ride that thing to the top of the sand hill!’ I jumped on, not really knowing much about motorcycles, took off and as I hit the bumps on the hill I grabbed the throttle tighter then making me go faster. I was completely out

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70-Beautiful Beautiful Valley

70-Beautiful Beautiful Valley Over the last several months you have been journeying with me as we hiked where Project Forty students have hiked, felt what they have felt and tasted the great outdoors in our imaginations as they have in reality last summer in BC. It’s been nearly a year since they began training to ascend an 8,000 foot mountain from sea level and some may wonder what is happening now? That’s a great question to have because it keeps

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28-Mentor When You Don’t Mean to Mentor

28-Mentor When You Don't Mean to Mentor What’s up y’all? I come to you once again in the form of text. Very soon I’ll have these blogs up on my new website and you’ll be able to write comments and post them on your favorite social media sites! I’d love some feedback about my writing and topics. Most of all I hope that my words fade into the background of the truth found in the Word of God. That being

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