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Project Forty Support Team

Project Forty’s Going Full-Time!

It’s time to increase the IMPACT by increasing the time!  Let’s make Project Forty a full-time position and multiply the weekly impact that wilderness + meaningful relationships can have on our rising generation.  They need a break from the screens and a look into face-to-face relationship growth.  Combine that with the great outdoors and disciplines found in God’s Word and we have the ingredients for a changed life!  We are looking for monthly supporters who recognize the need to reach out to our youth.  Will you join us?

  • Please send checks or money orders (made out to Project Forty, Inc) to our office:
 Project Forty, Inc
 923 Kensington Ave
 Flint, MI 48503
  • Give Immediately and Securely by Credit Card or ACH (Bank to Bank) Transfer

Student Scholarships

Student Scholarships provide a way where there may not be a way for some individuals.  The  Adventures In Discipleship course is designed to build solid relationships between the instructors and students through 8-weeks of training, followed up with a 4-day trip to put their skills to the test!  There is no replacement for quality time in the lives of our youth, so Project Forty instructors commit to a year of intentional follow-up with each student.

Student  Scholarships Include:

  • One semester tuition for an Adventures In Discipleship (AID) Course
  • All gear for 8 weeks of class plus a 4-day adventure trip
  • One-on-one discipleship for a minimum of one full calendar year


  • AID Rock Climbing (14-21 yrs old) $2,300/student
  • AID Ice Climbing (18+ yrs old) $2,800/student
Provide A Student Scholarship!

Invest In Adventure.  Buy A Punch Card!

Backyard Adventures is a low commitment activity targeting “dads” to encourage their sons to join them in the adventure and spend quality time together in the great outdoors.  With the increasing use of smart phones, face-to-face relationships are diminishing and causing unnecessary tension within the family unit.  Discover how the power of time spent together in the great outdoors will change your outlook on life.  Add to weekly adventures the Project Forty Guidebook and you have yourself some exciting tools to propel your relationship!

Buy A Backyard Adventure Punch Card!

A New Chalk Bag Calls To You… ANSWER IT.

This goes out to all you climbers out there… or gymnasts and body builders.  You need a chalk bag that says, “Hands off, that one’s mine,” and Project Forty has just the bag for you!  Make a donation then contact us to claim your chalk bag for the gym time.  If you know anyone who might be interested please pass along this site, we have hundreds of bags to get rid of!  Also, if you or someone you know would be interested in supporting Project Forty by coordinating and operating an eBay account to sell chalk bags, please contact


Create Your Own Adventure

Project Forty has snowshoes, ice climbing/rock climbing gear and backpacking gear for rent!  All rental fees go directly into the ministry as you experience your own adventures!  The outdoors are not so scary if you have the proper equipment and instruction to use it to its full potential.  Visit our Gear Rental page for specific information and a full list of rental gear available to make your outdoor experience one you’ll never forget (because it was so incredible, not because it turned epic due to gear failure!).


(all donations are fully tax-deductible according to Federal 501c3 tax laws)