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Project Forty Guide Training

Project Forty is two-fold:  wilderness adventures and meaningful relationships that are Christ-centered and intentional.  Our target is to impact lives through these life experiences and for everybody who comes through Project Forty reach a place where they become not only a disciple of Jesus Christ, but a disciple-maker, multiplying the Kingdom of God.  This is a HUGE task and BIG ask as we set out to train those who are called to join in on this mission.  Don’t run away yet, it gets better!  We are devoted to excellence, running safe and powerful wilderness experiences that will challenge every participant and leader and push us all out of our comfort zones.  In order to run quality trips we need quality guides.  Guides have the flexibility to work while they guide on a volunteer basis or join Project Forty full-time and anywhere in-between.  The biggest question is what does God want you to do?  We would love to chat with you and share more of the vision of Project Forty with you!  For starters, check out our events and jump on in to any Backyard Adventure or Clinic and get your feet wet.  Our qualifications list and expectations will give you a better idea if this is for you… we are looking for teachable, God-chasing individuals who are willing to be challenged spiritually, physically, mentally, and as a leader.  If your armpits are sweating from this description, you might just need to check us out!

Guide Training 101 Course

2022 Guide Training 101 Course timeline (this is the plan, we are working with a moving target):

  • February: Get started on the first two lectures of training (First Steps/Clothing & Equipment), attend the winter overnight training in mid February and start to look at what you have for layers, boots, and rain shells. Finish the month out looking over chapter 3 in the book.
  • March: Lecture 3 (Camping, Food, & Water), zoom one time, meet in person one time for stove/cooking training.
  • April: Complete lectures 4 & 5 (Physical Conditioning/Navigation), zoom once, train in the field on compass navigation.
  • May: Complete lectures 6, 7 & 8 (Wilderness Travel/Leave No Trace/Access & Stewardship), zoom it up once and meet up once for training and fellowship. We will begin the application process in May to assess who is ready and called to take their training to the next level of becoming a guide for Project Forty.
  • June: Complete lectures 9 & 10 (Basic Safety System/Belaying), zoom one time and meet in Grand Ledge for a weekend training on climbing, anchors and belay systems.
  • July: Complete lecture 11 (Rappelling), zoom call, play in the trees with rappel systems.
  • August: Complete lecture 12 (Alpine Rock Climbing), zoom, meet to teach kids how to climb. Depending on your progress and application you will begin to have opportunities in the Fall to guide assist on incoming trips.
  • September: Complete lecture 13 (Leadership), zoom and meet for further training and fellowship.
  • October: Complete lecture 14 (Safety), zoom, travel to the Red River Gorge for a long weekend training, putting together the first 10 sections!
  • November: Complete lecture 15 (First Aid), zoom, meet to train and fellowship.
  • December: Break, practice, practice, practice… get pumped for year two: leadership, WFR, SPI, TTI… lots of acronyms to unpack!

[The online portion of this course is FREE for 2022 guides interested in guiding for Project Forty.  The first 4 months are designed for you to get a feel for what you are getting yourself into.  In May we will be accepting applications and taking the next steps toward guide selection for our trips]

If you have any questions about the expectations for this course, please let us know by reaching out via email, text or call. We want this to be an experience that you are chasing as God leads you, so please be in prayer throughout this journey and let’s make sure that we are sharpening each other as we get ourselves prepared to guide.

Spring/Fall Trips

Spring and fall blanket the landscape with the most colorful leaves, the rock is not too hot, not too cold, and the bugs are mostly kept at bay. The Red River Gorge houses an abundance of high sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, amphitheaters and natural bridges that are unmatched east of the Mississippi. Experience the challenge of rock climbing, backpacking and learning the “how to’s” of wilderness travel in this four-day adventure that will turn your world upside down. These trips are packed full of personal challenge, critical group decision making, and immersing yourself in the thick of the Kentucky’s best kept secret!


Winter Trips

Winter is an excellent time to go out for a long weekend and discover the beauty of God’s icy wonderland.  I know you may be thinking, “You’re crazy to camp in the snow!” but let me assure you that proper gear is everything and in all my years of winter camping I’ve never lost a toe to frostbite.  Project Forty guides practice no trace camping and take every precaution to keep participants safe, yet still experiencing a challenging environment that will reveal your true character.  Scary?  Absolutely, but once you snowshoe into this unimaginable landscape, climb frozen waterfalls, and cozy into the thickest sleeping bag you’ve ever seen; you’ll agree that it’s worth the risk.  Go where few men dare to travel and capture a moment you’ll never forget!


Summer Expeditions

British Columbia.  That’s all that needs to be said really. Seven days of legit mountaineering; complete with glacier travel, climbing/rappelling, back country travel and the best views shy of the Himalayas!  This is a trip that you don’t want to miss and is worth the time, money and preparation.  Challenge your personal physical fitness and character, then walk away with relationships that will far outlast the adventure.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to make lasting bonds, see the world from the mountain-top, and rise above what you thought you could never accomplish.  If you can climb a mountain, you can surmount any obstacle that crosses your path and I know you can do it!  But do you know you can?  Get to BC and discover your true potential!


Being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion – it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ.

Billy Graham

We long for community in our lives because the need for relationships is woven into the fabric of our DNA.

Jim Stump

God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.

C. S. Lewis