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Vision Moving Forward

We desperately want to see teens and young adults passionately pursue their walk with God, value the stillness of creation in the midst of a technological society, and lead their communities in character impacting the world for the Kingdom of God one relationship at a time.

Project Forty History

Project Forty (P40) has become a reality for Matthew and Jennifer Foss in 2009 when steps to become a working ministry were established.  Matt has worked with teens and parents since 1997.  His experience encompasses working through a large local church, Young Life Ministries, and as a Senior Life Coach at a residential treatment children’s home called Promise Village.  He has received extensive ongoing training since 2005, with a focus on his Life Coaching of troubled and struggling teens/families.  He has a B.A. in Youth Ministry from William Tyndale College and his expertise as a climber has grown over many years.  He was a mountain guide for teens for several years, a spring outdoor educator, and has been guiding interns with Jen, leading expeditions for them on ice and rock climbing trips for many years.  He practices the disciplines of traditional and sport climbing as well as leading on ice.  Jen started climbing in 2005 with Matt and her love for and expertise in climbing has grown immensely.  She has also guided interns on ice and rock climbing trips.  Jen has been doing social work professionally for over ten years since graduating with her BSW from the University of Michigan.  Both Matt and Jen are trustworthy, genuine, Godly, loving, and passionate about impacting the Kingdom.

In August 2011 they were recognized as a 501(c)3 by the IRS and have been working toward establishing the groundwork necessary to effectively advance the mission of Project Forty.  Based in Southeastern Michigan, Project Forty guides participants through challenging wilderness adventures to build fruitful relationships that will have a lifetime impact.

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