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  • Rock Climbing 101
    $880/ Student
    9-12 Grade (14-19 yrs old)

  • Register by August 1st
    for Fall courses
    Call/Text Matt: 248-961-0014



Semester 1:  Begins the last week of August

(Day and time to be determined, but will be consistent weekly for the first 7 weeks)

Weeks 1-3
1828 Dawson Rd | Milford, MI | 48380

Weeks 4-7
Planet Rock, Madison Heights, MI

Week 8
Grand Ledge, MI (meet in Fenton, MI)
This course is weather dependent–if weather doesn’t cooperate class we be held at Planet Rock)

Trip Details
Leaving Thursday, October 22nd @ 2:30pm from Fenton, MI
Car camping 3 nights, 3 days of climbing some of the best sandstone in the midwest
Returning Sunday, October 25th @9:30pm to Fenton, MI
All gear provided
Students will need some specific clothing (detailed list will be provided), snacks for the road, and adventurous attitude!

Trip Snapshot

Kentucky climbing has bred a unique climbing sub-culture that has drawn many into the sport of rock climbing.  Once you wake up in your comfy canopy, smell the fresh cool air, then gear up for a day on the warm rock you’ll know why.  Hiking through some of the most beautiful gorges, waterfalls and rivers to build your soundtrack, “The Red” as it has come to be known will draw you in and reveal God’s perfect creation.  This trip is a little laid back, but still full of great sandstone climbing and guys being guys in the outdoors.  We top the trip off with the can’t miss Miquel’s Pizza before heading home to render our lives with a touch of creation in our hearts.


All Project Forty instructors have been trained in their focused discipline and carry a minimum 2 years experience as a Guide Partner, under direct supervision from a current and certified instructor.  Climbing instructors are certified through the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA) and hold a Wilderness Advanced First (WAFA) or higher.  All rappel sites are set up with redundant and equalized roped anchors, built off of solid, live trees.  Rappels are backed up by a second belay line controlled by a guide.  Climbing for participants are all top roped from solid bolted anchors.

New To Rock Climbing?

You may be thinking, what is all the hype about climbing?  Gravity is a force to be reckoned with and many adventurers as well as the everyday folk have set out to test its limits.  Climbing is not only great physical training for the body, but a wonderful stress relief that casts some much needed perspective on our fast-paced culture.  When you are on the wall, you are not thinking about the argument you had with your friends or parents, the test you bombed or why ∏ never repeats… it’s just you, your next climbing hold and the community of those cheering you on.  For a great, concise intro to climbing and all the different types check out Lydia’s Blog–Comprehensive Guide to What is Rock Climbing (this girl has made climbing and traveling her life… pretty cool if you ask me).