25-Take That Tough Guy!

You step into the gym. Your nose immediately burns from the stench of bacteria filled pads from the hall of pain that you try not to look at as you pass through to the cubby you’re going to call your own for the next 30 minutes. You change your shoes and sit down at your first game-changer, trying not to make it too obvious when you move the pin from 85 pounds (from the guy before you) to the 10 pounds that you hope you can rep out. But, you know that you will not measure up to the arrogance of superman over there in the corner pumping 125’s in each arm. Man, what would you give for superman to ask you for help? Not to humiliate you, but because he really needed something that you have—we’re not talking lunch money here. No. You possess his car keys because he left them on your machine.

Ok, this has nothing to do with this video, but I hope you like it anyway. Bon voyage.



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