30-The Red Green Show Right in Your Back Yard

Today marks the first official day of summer for the boys that I work with at Promise Village.  Ah, summer time. A time to sip an ice cold lemonade on a shaded lawn chair. Remember the old school lawn chairs with the tubular plastic seat that would rip and cave in at just the right age, without prior warning? They did fold up flat but were as heavy as sin! Summer. A time to spend a little extra quality time being stupid with your family and friends. Not the kind of “land-you-in-jail” stupid, I mean just plain silliness that makes your face hurt from a suspended and constant grin and bellowing laughter.

I had the privilege of providing such a moment several years ago for my wife and the ladies in the her family. My brother-in-law and I were trying to set up a work out on his rings in a tree in the back yard. Completely unaware, we were on camera. After looking at the footage and how foolish we looked, Jen reminded me about a segment on the Red Green Show that would capture our idiocy perfectly. So, before children came into my life, I took advantage of the extra time and created such a spoof of this Red Green classic. I hope that you enjoy it, laugh a little and are inspired to just be stupid with your family this summer and make your cheeks hurt!


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