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What We Do

AID (Adventures In Discipleship)

AID courses are roughly 12 weeks in length, consisting of weekly 3-hour classes, that lead up to a 4-day Project Forty trip as the final exam.  There are 4, 12 week courses to choose from: rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain biking, or backpacking.  Training in specific disciplines will challenge students to grow relationally with instructors and classmates, as comfort zones are pushed, teamwork becomes fundamental, and communication proves to be mandatory for success.  Instructors are simultaneously driving home the hard truths of our created world through the study of the Bible, incorporated into each class and trip.

Backyard Adventures

Short-term wilderness experiences for groups or families to promote engaging relationship growth by leaving technology behind and diving into Creation, literally.  These local adventures ranging anywhere from day hikes in the woods to overnight tree canopy excursions, are used as tools to build the relationships of the participants.  This is another useful tool for parents and youth leaders to creatively challenge students to evaluate daily decisions and provide real support as they venture out into their “unknown.”


You can never age out of Project Forty.  This is a unique aspect of ministry that we feel is very important to keep different generations interacting with one another.  There is so much to learn from our mentors and likewise from our mentorees, so Project Forty has opportunities for older students to disciple younger ones, grow into leadership positions by assisting in teaching courses, co-guiding trips and eventually becoming instructors and discipling their own group of guys.  The community developed through face-to-face, deep rooted relationships built on the foundation of our walk with God are grounded and change people from the inside out.  It’s time to get involved and see how you fit into a growing community of adventurers who desire to live life to its fullest!